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I was not happy with my teeth

Although my teeth were crooked, I have never really considered of having braces, until… I have started to work as a dental nurse and seeing beautiful smiles became a huge part of my daily life. It was amazing to see the end results and hear how people comment on it, saying it has boosted their confidence.

The more I knew about Invisalign, the more I thought this might be the best option for me in order to improve my smile. I can now say – I am very happy with my choice. Invisalign aligners are incredibly discrete, must say my boyfriend did not even know I was wearing it half of the time. My treatment has been completed in less than 18months but what is the most important – I will be able to enjoy it for a lifetime.

I now get so many compliments on my teeth and how straight and perfect they are. I am really happy with my result. I hope my story will reach others, who are still thinking about it – your smile is priceless, go for it!

”I now get
so many
on my teeth”


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