Dental Monitoring

Straight Teeth Minus the Hassle

Dr Francis is always looking to utilise technology to give his patients the best possible smile with the least effort for them.

The latest technology is Dental Monitoring which is an app you have on your smartphone that enables Dr Francis to monitor your treatment with increased accuracy at the same time reducing the number of physical visits that you have to make to the clinic whilst improving the end result.

How Does Dental Monitoring Work?

Step 1

First of all, we will need to create your individual treatment plan, this is FREE and EASY. Book a FREE consultation. You will have some time with one of our experienced treatment coordinators who will determine your goals and take 3D records. You will then meet Dr Francis who will discuss the fine detail of what you want to achieve and show you a 3D Outcome Simulation of your perfect smile. After committing to treatment the Bespoke final plan will be created for you by Dr Francis. You can then download the app.

Step 2

Once you have been fitted with your tailor-made Invisalign Aligners, one of our Dental Monitoring Champions will set you up with the App. Through the Dental Monitoring app you will send Dr Francis 3D scans of your teeth at regular intervals.

These will be assessed at a Pixel Level, matched against your Bespoke plan and the results interpreted by Dr Francis.

Step 3

The result is that it is like being checked in person every week by Dr Francis but without having to fit it in to your schedule.

The outcome for your treatment is:

(From DM internal study: Sample of 5000 aligner patients taken randomly over 12 months.)

All this with NO EXTRA COST to you

Other Benefits