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Dr. Francis is a top Invisalign specialist who wants to help you achieve your goals of a beautiful, straight smile using near-invisible braces


Dr. Francis is committed to your needs and priorities. Having gone through braces himself, he knows the importance of cultivating a professional, safe, patient-centered experience, which is exactly what you’ll get.

In 2004, Dr. Francis joined with a colleague to start Anglia Orthodontics, the largest Specialist provider of both Invisalign and conventional orthodontics in East Anglia. Francis graduated from the University of Bristol in 1996, earning the Merit award for Orthodontics. He then graduated as a Specialist Orthodontist in 2002 with an MSc. from the University of Bristol, and an Orthodontic Specialist Diploma (MOrth.) from the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh. Francis was awarded the Chapman Prize at the British Orthodontic Conference in 2002.

For 18 months, Francis worked as an Honourary Consultant in Christchurch, New Zealand. There, he learned to treat cleft lip and palate, and to work with Orthognathic surgery cases. In 2005, Francis became a certified Invisalign provider, learning the true joy of near invisible braces, as he used Invisalign to re-straighten his own teeth, which had gone crooked since his braces treatment.

Francis knows first hand the life-changing experience of having a straight, healthy smile. No matter your profession, background, or age, he wants to support you in achieving your orthodontic goals so that you can move through life with more confidence and ease.

When Francis isn’t supporting patients with his world-class care, he’s spending time with his wife, Shemma, who is a surgical dentist, and their two boys, Solomon and Idris, who are the centre of their world. In any spare minute he can find, you might spot Francis cycling or running.

“Everyone at Anglia Orthodontics was very helpful throughout my treatment. Invisalign was so discreet and fit into my lifestyle easily. I now have the perfect smile and just in time for my wedding! A massive thank you to all at Anglia Orthodontics.”

Lucy Hall