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I have always been self conscious of my crooked teeth

I was constantly looking at other people’s teeth in comparison to mine, especially working within the dental
profession! I hated my photo being taken and my teeth were the first thing I focused on in the pictures.

When I got engaged I was ecstatic, until it occured to me that weddings involved photos and a lot of them. There and then I decided I wanted to make a change.

I saw Dr Scriven at Anglia Orthodontics for a consultation; I explained my main concerns and he went through all the treatment options suitable for me and explained the process of each brace system thoroughly. I decided to embark on Invisalign rather than other braces because I liked how discreet looking they were and they would fit into my lifestyle better.

The orthodontist worked together with Invisalign to create a customised virtual plan for me, this was a great advanced tool, I was able to see the outcome I could expect before even starting treatment.

I was advised to wear the aligners for 20-22 hours a day, I could take them out for eating and drinking and cleaning my teeth as normal. My treatment took around 18 months to complete and no one noticed I was wearing Invisalign until I pointed it out. I am so happy with the difference it has made to my teeth and my confidence.

“Best of all I was able to smile broadly on my wedding day”


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